Are you a programming lawyer? Frustrated with the direction of the legal services industry? Desire to be part of an innovative change? Interested in blockchain technology? OpenLaw is the place for you! We’re building an agreements layer for the Internet and foundational infrastructure to make it possible for people to generate high quality legal documents at a fraction of the price.

About Us

OpenLaw is a ConsenSys spoke that is building next generation smart legal agreements. We’re using blockchain technology to reimagine the future of commerce and the $160 billion transactional legal market.

At its core, OpenLaw is a multi-module blockchain-based protocol and markup language to prepare, manage, and execute smart legal agreements. Using the OpenLaw protocol, you can seamlessly execute a range of commercial transactions by generating binding natural-language agreements, storing the signed contracts on a blockchain, and having those agreements interact with smart contracts written in code.

We use Scala as our main programming language along with JavaScript React for our frontend. Our backend uses LevelDB and Ethereum to store, search, and verify data. We are product driven and committed to open source. That means our end goal is to deliver the best and fastest product possible for our users and to do so in a community driven manner.

OpenLaw is a remote-first organization with team members distributed across the globe, and we are committed to building both our team and our software in a thoughtful, inclusive, and sustainable fashion.

We’re looking for talented lawyers who are technically proficient to help us build next generation smart legal agreements. This is a role for a programming attorney who enjoys working in a collaborative, dynamic, and fast paced team environment. You should be comfortable working in diverse development ecosystems and collaboratively within a rapidly growing distributed team.


  • Design and build smart legal agreements through application of our markup language and development of blockchain-based smart contracts
  • Contribute to front end development and OpenLaw tooling and documentation
  • Help with OpenLaw integrations with organizational partners and users
  • Provide and facilitate feedback on markup language and usability of project
  • Collaborate with the team to implement feature upgrades and improvements
  • Keep our users happy by maintaining the software, troubleshooting, and fixing bugs

Desired Skills

  • Strong desire to implement blockchain technology in the legal industry
  • 2+ years programming experience
  • Skilled with programming languages and web frameworks such as JavaScript, React, Ruby, Rails, Python, or PHP
  • Experience with, or strong interest in learning, writing smart contracts in Solidity and using Ethereum development tools like Truffle, Ganache, Remix, and MetaMask
  • Comfortable working on multiple codebases, with the ability to quickly understand new projects and tooling systems
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with the ability to convey your work and ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • J.D. from an accredited law school; licensed to practice in at least one U.S. jurisdiction
  • 3+ years experience working as a licensed attorney
  • Desire to apply your experiences working with clients, stakeholders, and other legal practitioners in identifying user needs, whether that’s through UI/UX improvements or specific blockchain-based use cases


  • Experience working within a remote-first and globally distributed team
  • An active interest or involvement with the legal technology and/or blockchain communities

At OpenLaw, you must balance passion for the technology while knowing when and how to focus the conversation on our users. We enjoy an open and inclusive culture, the freedom to explore and experiment. We are continuously iterating together on improving our work methodology and team culture.